Inspection Committee

Under the Act, the OACIQ is required to create an Inspection Committee. It is made up of executive officers of real estate agencies and of brokers acting on their own account. However, these brokers do not personally conduct inspections, but rather use the services of inspectors.

Following a protocol, the Inspection Committee meets and inspectors present their inspection reports regarding brokers and agency executive officers who require various interventions. The committee may also recommend to inspected brokers and agency executive officers any appropriate recommendation and have them sign an undertaking to comply with a section of the Act or one of its regulations. In addition, it may require an agency executive officer or a broker to successfully attend a course or other education activity. If the committee finds that a violation to the Act or a regulation has been committed, it notifies the syndic immediately.

Members of the Inspection Committee

Laurent N. Benarrous
Me Steve Turmel

Aline Doghramadjian, Real estate broker
Julie Chabot, Real estate broker

Last updated on: June 17, 2024
Reference number: 202488